Just focus

What constantly keeps you up at night is the thing you’re going to eventually end up having. And as an entrepreneur, it better be your company.  If it’s anything else, you’re in trouble.

I’m saying it and I’m writing it here but I won’t tell anyone how to do it. And no one can. What I can tell you though, is that the ability to deeply concentrate,  for a long period of time, on a problem that you want to solve, will bring results along itself. I just came from San Francisco and Silicon Valley, after a month and something of staying there. It was pretty amazing. Demoing the product in front of all those people, getting the chance to take part in the Disrupt Conference organized by Techcrunch, visiting offices of some of the most notorious tech companies out there and getting to meet their founders.

Anyway, except the fact that it’s California and everyone’s full of bullshit, I’ve learned two things here. I think they’re as important as someone explaining to you how to scale your system in a middle of a viral boost:

I. FIRST: They’re the GODS. And things happen there. And you know why? Not because they have a 60 year ecosystem meant to support innovation and tolerate failure or because people are willing to take risks.  Not because their knowledge is far greater that anyone else’s or that they’re the only ones that could execute correctly. Not because they have an immense talent pool that allows you as an entrepreneur to meet and work with great people with great backgrounds. And definitely not because they have VC money.

It’s because they’re able to get shit done. Period.  And to be able to do that, they focus on what they have to do. Everything else means distraction. And those are the people you’re competing with. People that work for 12 14 16h/day for a whole week for something that they believe in. Two or three guys in a 2 bedroom apartment that iterate and learn things faster than you or your mid-sized organisation can issue press releases. They don’t care about any other stuff. They don’t even know about it’s existence(VC, marketing, legal, parties etc). But they do know their users’ problems, they know what’s wrong and they figure out how to fix it. And that’s how they win. Everything else falls into place afterwards.

II.SECOND: You’re no different! So please believe me: it’s nothing that differentiates you from any of the guys that made it. NOTHING! You’re both smart humans and you’re both passionate about your ideas. Most likely the knowledge base that you have accumulated is greater then theirs. But when you think about maserati problems or dates or you plan the marketing for the launch date, the others execute. So, as Paul said here.. “Stop Fucking Around”.

As a tech entrepreneur you constantly see headlines of things happening and people making it. You always think that one day you will be there, on your moment of fame, with millions using your product and money pouring from VC’s and all the other bullshit. The reality: “It probably won’t happen”. Believe in what you’re doing bla bla… NO: build a great team, be perseverant, eyes open all the time, execute, stay lean.. etc.

Going in the Valley and spending some time with people that you didn’t thought you’ll ever get the chance to see, it’s kind of exciting.  Again, you’re no different. Build up your case, it will take time.

So these are my thoughts. If they’re worth anything, share them.

I will tell this story to all my CEO and entrepreneur friends because I think they’re great and their projects are great. But.. they need stuff, the same as I need it. Also bare in mind what Max, very well explains here.  ”Life is a juggling act of developing not just these 2 dimensions(the distractions and the good life) but dozens of them.”

Good luck guys 🙂