A matter of perspective

I’ve been watching Jason Silva’s YouTube series “Shots of Awe” where he explores various subjects in 2 minute videos narrated by him.  I though it’s worth sharing one of hist statements  about changing perspective and how everything can change when doing that. I completely agree with him.

As we tranquilize ourselves with trivialities we in fact are living in a different truth. Then when we step back, zoom out, take the long view, expand our minds and consciousness and perception and realize that we in fact came off a planet suspended in space, spinning around at very fast speeds at any given moment. So TEN TRILLION atoms self organized into a sentient mind that perceives itself as living off a planet that is hanging off of space…

I mean there is truth to every single thing I’ve said, every single perspective offers another angle, another reflection of the present situation. There are many truths, there are many realities, they coexist side by side. And I think our role as visionaries and artists and movers and doers, is to visit those realities, to transcend baseline ordinary consciousness, to change our perspectives and to bring back souvenirs for the rest of us to consume. That.. is our role.

It’s just a matter of perspective.