About Cristian Olarasu

Hi, my name’s Cristian Constantin Olarasu. I’m 28.

What do I do?

Well.. everything comes down to this: I think about what would solve a major problem and then I build it. After, I try to sell my solution to lots and lots of people.

Most of the things I create would fall into the bucket of tech products. I also think about marketing and distribution and technology and lots of other stuff, but that comes later. Eventually, those “things” become companies. Most of the time I end up designing them myself, from scratch and then getting other people on board.

Very few times, it works; a lot of other times it fails.

Interested in: experience design, big-data, machine-learning, distributed systems, macroeconomics, network effects/graph analysis.

A short timeline:

’16 – present
Joined Digvijay Lamba in the quest of building the first data-lake virtualization platform – and eliminating ETL through automation and A.I. We ended up building Lore IO where I currently act as Head of Product — getlore.io

I’ve worked on a distributed virtual file system that you can dynamically read from public/private clouds – similar to ipfs(+compute+bandwidth). Also, learned how co-founder relationships can mean a lot. early prototype on public clouds: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8279640

I helped co-found a company called Kurbo that uses mobile technology and personalized coaching to help overweight children get their weight under control. As it was just me and Joanna Strober in the beginning, before Thea and Mark joined, I designed the first version of the product, helped raise the first round and developed the initial strategy for the product. It ended up having an impressive list of investors and becoming the most successful weight control programme in the US, with adoption by the Singapore government.

I co-founded a parenting company called Early(formar Good Momming!) along with a team of great people. Early developed a smart personal assistant,  aimed to assist parents with all the processes, essential for the healthy growth of a little one, in the first years of life like: nutrition, sleep, growth or general health. It ended up in Vancouver through an acceleration program called Grow-Lab and then in Silicon Valley. Quite an experience. (there’s plenty to tell so.. TBT)

Co-founded a brand innovation company called Standard Report. We’ve built a complete framework and methodology for quantifying the efficiency of brand values and providing consumer intelligence insights. It was partially funded by the EU(biggest mistake of my life).

First job as a Product Owner at a big internet company. Understood management, lean, agile and other useful stuff. Got my first mentors.

’07 – ’10
I’ve built a platform/system called Sunatic in my attempt to personalize online travel. Started in my room working 16h days without telling anyone(how stupid), then got ex-high-school and college colleagues to build it with me. At the end, the largest database of accommodation units to date(11163 in 2011) and some smart algorithmic pairing. (will blog about it as I still believe in it)

Personal mentions

In 2013, Forbes Magazine decided to include me on the ’30 under 30′ list with entrepreneurs who have a chance at changing the world.

There have been a couple more of small innovation awards regarding the companies and a few “potential” mentions here and there.

you can say that for the last couple of years or so I’ve been involved in the tech industry. Along the way, I ended up gathering lots of knowledge that turned out quite valuable. I’ve also developed a couple of theories about how and why certain things happen. I’ll try to share my knowledge here.

And as for making it into tech, I see design as product ground 0, no matter the product or service that’s for sell and I also see a deep understanding of distribution as being a critical hack. In 2015 tech product design is impossible without a (solid) grasp of how technology works.. so you’ll need that too.

Aa..  you also need an empty garage :).

  • cristian.olarasu @ gmail.com
  • @cristianctin